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The Cooker Has Reduced the Cooking Time


Earlier the cooking process was very slow, the properly cooked food took a lot of time in the open pot and high temperature mostly degraded the nutritive value of the food. Now, with the advent of technology, man has become even busier so much that he can find very little time for himself. In this little time, he prefers eating pre-cooked meals and packaged food as cooking takes a long time.

Precooked meals from stores contain a lot of chemicals that are harmful to health. The packaged food from takeaways and restaurants may not look after the hygiene. This was solved by the invention of cookers. It was so popular that everybody wants the best cooker for their household.

How does the cooker work?

The main principle of the cooker is that it does not allow the steam to escape from the vessel. The steam is created from the water and liquid of the pot. This steam enters the food and speeds up the cooking process. The cooking process is so efficient that even the nutritive value is also retained. The cooker is a sealed pot that retains the pressure created from steam so that the food

It is an asset to the kitchen as it allows one to finish cooking at a shorter period and yet retains the nutritive value of food.

Utilizing a cooker

A cooker is of tremendous help for every household, it is of so much use that everyone started purchasing it. They were so efficient that many bought the best cooker for use. One can use the most out of a pressure cooker by following certain tips, such as:

  • Store the cooker in the right way, one may find a manual attached to the cooker to know the essential ways of storing and using it.
  • The cooker may bust if it is cooked dry, so one must take care to always use liquid while cooking in the pressure cooker.
  • One must not fill the cooker to the brim but leave a small space for the steam to build up.
  • It is important to set a timeframe so that you know when to stop the process to avoid overcooking.


The pressure cooker has made our life a lot easier with the reduced cooking time and yet the nutritive value remained the same. Its invention was so important that the best cooker popularly found a place in the market.

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