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The Effect of COVID-19 on Rat Infestation


With many restaurants currently partially closed, humans who do not know how to cook well are not the only ones getting desperate during these times. Rats suddenly also have seen their lives turned upside-down by the COVID-19 pandemic and they have become much more aggressive and daring in search for their food daily so warns he “Center for Disease Control and Prevention”. Rats normally stay around the commercial areas in urban areas that are dense, and where there was plenty of food. But they are now more increasingly moving into more residential areas. 

Rat Blockers

This is where Rat Blockers come in handy as they stop rats from doing damage to sewer pipes in order to get into those businesses where food was being prepared – and this presents a risk of diseases that are dangerous. A Rat Blockers lets rats leave through branch pipes but does not allow them to return.


These Rat Blockers are also “eco-friendly” since there is no need to use any poisons for rats. Rat Blocker is an incredibly simple device that stops rats from entering a restaurant or other business where food had or still is being prepared. It is advised that all restaurants or companies that process food that are currently closed install these Rat Blockers as a preventive measure. Opening up a close-restaurant only to find that it is infested with rats is a costly event. And a restaurant will find it hard to re-establish customer confidence. 


In Denmark as well as some other countries, local assemblies are obliged by local laws to fit Rat Blockers in order to defend:

  • Public buildings
  • Hospitals
  • Institutions

Protection measures lessen costs and protect the environment since the public intake of rat poisons is decreased to a minimum.

Fit Rat Blocker

A Rat Blocker can be installed from “ground level” by using the cleaning well with a mounting pole. The removal of a cover to a manhole takes much more time than simply installing the Rat Blocker itself.

Since COVID-19 closures began there have been more reports of rodents, with many experts talking about increased instances of cannibalism and infanticide. When they are hungry, they are going to do what is necessary to feed themselves. When rodents turn on each other, they can be vicious. 

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