The Key Benefits of Having a Rooftop Garden


Rooftop gardens are becoming bigger trends in recent days. Of course, they are great decorations – but the truth is that they do more than just make your home look good. These are the benefits of having a rooftop garden in your building:

The Plants Grow Better

You see, most of the plants need about 6 to 8 hours of direct sunlight in a day. Rooftop gardens always have the sun and open-air, so your plants and flowers will bloom better. Furthermore, unlike in a yard, there are lesser disturbances- for example, pets and people accidentally stepping on your plants.

An Efficient Use of Space

Especially in houses with smaller yards and compounds, a rooftop garden may be the only possible way for the owner to nurture plants. Moreover, instead of letting the usually vacant roof space remain as it is, you can make use of it by planting various things like vegetables.

It Increases the Value of the Property

Various gardening services in Singapore claim it, and it is actually true-

several pieces of research and data have shown that a house will cost more if it has a roof garden. You see, the garden makes your rooftop look more beautiful, and make the buyer realize that many things can be done with the space. With the right design, it can be the ‘x-factor’ that increases your possibility of selling a structure.

A Fresher Environment

Singapore isn’t necessarily one of the most polluted places in the world, but the air quality still has room for improvement. The plants in your garden will trap harmful CO2 and other gases and emit oxygen, which is going to make the air a little less polluted. Well, this is the rationale behind the Singapore government planting a lot of trees along roads. 

A rooftop garden helps with aesthetics, productivity, and also makes the environment better. However, you have to plan vigorously before building a rooftop garden, because it needs more considerations and maintenance than a normal one. So, working with landscape maintenance services is definitely a good idea.


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