The paradigm shift in the advertising sector- From print to digital


The world of advertising is experiencing a paradigm shift in their operations. There are basically two types of advertising. The first one and the oldest ones in the playing field is print advertising ideas. You may see print advertising ideas on paper, magazines, pamphlets, etc. Printing advertising is one of the most widely used media for advertising in the world. On the other hand, the newer version of the advertisement that is digital advertising is coming to the fire at this moment. Digital advertising simply makes video content promoting a particular brand. Now till recent times, both of these advertising sectors co-existed. But with the advent of the covid19 pandemic, the situation took a drastic change.

The challenges of digital advertising content creators

With the advent of the pandemic, the print media industry took a hit. And with it, the print advertising ideas also took a hit. And this resulted in companies and corporates moving their preference towards the digital advertising content. Now there are three things that one needs to understand about digital advertising content. Firstly, unlike print advertising, digital advertising needs to tell a story. And storytelling that too in a limited time span of a minute or so is not an easy job. Storytelling by means of advertising is perhaps the hardest job one can ask for. And not just any story but creating a story that would resonate with the targeted audience is what makes this job a tougher one.

How to perfectly capture the essence of an ad on screen?

Now even if you have a good story presenting it perfectly on the screen is a whole new level of difficulty. For example, online video contents have to meet a certain level of technical brilliance. There are so many technical aspects like the camera set-up, the lighting, color balance, white balance, etc. that come into play when developing video content for corporates. And with only professionals at your disposal, can you make sure that all the technical aspects are met.

The role of content creating brands play in the online ad world

And lastly, finding a good corporate video content making brand is also important. You see, it is not only about the story or its presentation, but digital advertising has a lot to do with creating a trend. A trend needs to set by creating content digitally that will have a personal touch in it. This is to say that new consumer bases can only be created if the advertisement resonates with a string of hearts of the people who are watching it. This makes it hard for the content creators beyond imagination. However, content creators such as Gillespie productions have made it through the initial journey. Their content is available on their website for viewing as well at https://gillespieproductions.com/

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