The Right Options for the Bird Paintings and more On Art



Art is not a product. Artists need buyers in order to be able to live independently of the art industry independently of the art industry. To achieve this, their works of art must be perceived and talked about, traditionally through galleries, exhibitions and the media. With their own resources and a low budget, artists can use the Internet to contact an international audience and market their art themselves, i.e. offer it to the market. How something can go and how the virtual channels can be optimally used, some people make an example. For the bird painting this is important.

The Full Time Jobs

That sounds like a full-time job on the social web and that’s probably what it should be. While self-marketing is labor-intensive, it has tremendous benefits regardless of the time and place of sale, and still reaches a global audience. Although costs are incurred for setting up and maintaining the online platforms, traffic and shipping, it is not for rent or commission.

  • Logically, this does not replace galleries, exhibitions or art sales campaigns here too there are self- marketing opportunities. The view of the screen can never replace that on the original. But the network can be a cost-effective platform for free artists to use their art, if they use it properly. Not just from the material point of view, but also from the popularity who uses art, which dust in the attic or in the drawer?

The fear of copyists is justified. However, art counterfeiters were up to mischief long before the Internet was invented. Copiers existed years ago Copy and Paste as well as “black print” or ideas claw. If the copies remain private, there is little to say against them. Only when the copies are distributed or resold and a third makes the Reibach with the works of art, then it becomes problematic for the authors.

  • Although it sees German copyright still different. 

Even private individuals are prosecuted via Abmahnanwalt for each Pipifax and with impractical laws a large part of the Internet users is criminalized. For example, if you share photos, graphics, photos, or art on Facebook pages without permission.

The Best Understanding

Who uses these works, however, commercially and without consideration, gets quite rightly Kloppe. Anyone who tramples on intellectual authorship and pretends that the work of art is disconnected from the person who created it, wages both artist and creator for wages and bread. Art theft is a nasty form of expropriation, which is all the more extreme and reprehensible, because it is these immaterial, “soulful” goods. Art is not a product, you cannot replace or reproduce the original at best copy “good”.

There must be new ways for an artist who reveals his works not to end up in the gutter as Van Gogh once did, and dying madly of hunger. D as Internet must friend, not an enemy of the artist and be creative. Without them and their input, the net remains a superficial cover of commercial art, advertising and PR texts, hobby painters, leisure writers, shops, stock exchanges and facts. Everything is colorful, practical and informative but without depth, without spirit.


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