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The Smartest Solutions for the Upholstery Supply Service for You


Office supplies and furniture generally represent a significant expense item for current businesses. This, regardless of size, turnover or area of ​​activity. Choosing office supplies and furniture is not always easy. This is all the more difficult for those who are concerned with providing a quality work environment for their employees, but who, for budgetary reasons, must not lose sight of the aspect of profitability.

The Question of Supply

Whether it is a question of supply of cheap office or of cheap office furniture, the quality / price ratio is a point not to be overlooked for the decision makers who, today more than ever, are looking for the products at the best prices without neglecting the quality.

  • If traditional brands still occupy a beautiful part of this market, it goes without saying that the advent of e-commerce has enabled consumers to access broader, even more advantageous, offers.
  • But if there are many offers, the choice is no less difficult. What tips for buying cheap office furniture and furnishings? 5 unstoppable tips to help you choose.
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Cashback: saving at all costs

If you are a fan of buying on the internet for your office supplies and furniture, know that you can also save money, in addition to discounts and other promotions practiced by sales sites, thanks to the Cashback system.

How it works?

Promotional technique implemented by many sites, it is a simple system that allows consumers to receive a refund for part of the purchases made on partner sites (such as a loyalty card). This is particularly the case for the iGraal site, one of the giants of the moment in this field, which has a specialized section for office supplies and furniture. You will find there a long list of partner sites that practice Cashback. To take advantage of it, simply access the dedicated section and activate the cashback after confirming your registration. Once this is done, you can go and buy freely on the partner online store. With the upholstery supplies online this is important.

To convince the most skeptical, know that by partnering with these online stores, iGraal receives a commission for each sale made through it.

Once paid by the partner online store, for each successful purchase, iGraal undertakes to pay you part of its commission. So it is certainly a safe way to buy cheap office furniture or office supplies at low prices.

Reimbursement rates can vary from platform to platform, usually between 1 to 5%, but if you have the patience to make a comparison when buying your office supplies or furniture, you will certainly find more than advantageous rate.


For example, for Office Depot , a site specializing in the sale of office supplies for businesses and individuals, the rate is 3 to 5% while for Direct Supply, it is 5.5% and for Metro 3%.

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