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The Stunning Qualities Of A Moroccan Berber Rug


The Berber people are found in Morocco and are famous for their artistry. Berber refers to a weaving style of fabric and rugs created by the native Berber people of North Africa. It’s a knotted and looped, natural fiber via a backing and not decorated that offers it the customary Berber appearance. From the seventh century A.D, the Moroccan Berber rug has been manufactured continuously. These conventional Moroccan Berber and Beni Ourain rugs are obtainable in various sizes, from small to extra-large.

Moroccan Rugs Qualities

From Moroccan carpets comes the splendid motivation for the culture and history of the traditional folks. Characteristically, the rugs are discernible using their patterns and colors. That makes it stress-free for you to distinguish which ethnic group created which rug. What is more, each tribe bragged a distinctive culture that their utilization would portray. Here are some of the general characteristics that you should know:

Patterns and Colors

Moroccan-style rugs are extremely exceptional – no two rugs look the same. They are hand-woven by knowledgeable women of the ethnic group who utilize their hands to integrate individual experiences plus symbolic languages in the rugs. The ultimate objective is to tell the creator’s stories. In addition, the tribe forms an essential element of these rugs. Plus, these communities offer numerous sorts of Moroccan-style mats.


The Moroccan tribes’ movement from one habitation to another generally influences the dimensions of woven carpets. Rug sizes were typically from 3-10 meters in length and 5-7 feet in width to guarantee coziness and ease of traveling; nevertheless, they can generally be tailored if your space is small.


With Morocco’s explicit climate, denser rugs were created for chilly areas at high altitudes such as the mountains. Also, flat-weave and thinner mats were employed in warmer regions such as the low elevations such as the Sahara Desert.

For example, the Beni Ourain community utilized sheep wool to weave a heavier Moroccan rug. This special rug was made to keep people warm whereas in the cold weather of the Atlas Mountains. Thinner and Lighter Moroccan rugs are employed to assist get by with the hot climate of the Sahara Desert.

Uses and Benefits of Berber Rugs

In addition to the detail that the Berber carpet is commonly available at substantial savings compared to other carpet styles, Berber is likewise superbly hard-wearing. On the whole, looped fiber mats are more rigid than cut-pile rugs just because the trimmings of the fibers are not bare. Nonetheless, Berber has the extra advantage of interweaving its loops in a dense network, making it tougher.

This exceptional style likewise implies that Berber rugs do not trap dust plus other particles practically as much, making it effortless to maintain than a deeper cut-pile mat. With consistent vacuuming and periodic dry cleaning or hot water, a Berber rug must remain spotless and free of furniture and traffic indents for years.

Berber-style rugs are tough and dust proof. Shoe prints don’t leave any mark on these mats on the ordinary carpet made from thread. The rugs are economical when likened to high-end carpets. Cleaning them is simple, and the design that’s distinct from the Berber style mats that of knots and loops makes them more long-lasting.


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