The Traditional Cherry with a Modern Twist – Create the Kitchen of Your Dream


Picture this, you are going for a traditional reddish-brown cherry cabinetry set for your kitchen. Now, you must have been seeing this design for decades now. Cherry cabinets are perhaps the most widely used cabinetry set all over the world. So, it is more likely that you will be bored soon with the look of the cabinets. So, how can you change that? Well, simply by giving a modern twist to the age-old cherry, you can tweak up the whole look of the kitchen seamlessly.

Cabinets are the most important fixture in a kitchen both in terms of functionality as well as aesthetics. On one hand, it will provide you with storage space that will help you keep the clutter at bay. On the other, it will add up to the wholesome feel and vibe of the kitchen. But it is also true that by adding some tiny details and quirky finishes to your cherry kitchen cabinets, you can change the whole look and make it modern. How? Take a look at the following points to know more.

Upgrade the Hardware

The doorknobs, handles and pulls are important parts of the whole design scheme. So, when you are designing your kitchen interior with discount cabinets like cherry, go for an upgrade with the hardware. Use steel if you are creating the most functional design in your kitchen. If you are looking for something elegant and timeless, going for brass can be the best idea too. The contrast it will create with the cherry wood cabinets will be stunning and sophisticated. In fact, the design will be so versatile that your kitchen will be able to retain the charm for many years.

Upgrade the Appliances

When you are thinking of upgrading your discount kitchen cabinet design, go for the appliances first. To add the modern touch to the traditional décor and hue like cherry or reddish-brown, go for stainless steel appliances. Add the OTG ovens, microwave oven, refrigerator and other appliances that will be of steel and will make the kitchen look glamorous with this beautiful contrast also as to make all your guests envious of your kitchen.

Paint the Walls White

The contrast speaks of modernity. When you are planning the interior of your kitchen with reddish-brown cabinets with a modern touch, think about creating a stark contrast. While mounting the discount cabinets on the wall, go for stark white walls. When cherry will become darker in hue with time as the wood ages, it will make the contrast even more gorgeous that will stay for a long time.

Go for Modern Lighting

When you creating a modern kitchen with cherry cabinets, how about quirking it up with the most modern lighting? For example, a pendant chandelier can make the whole space look chic. For cozy warm lights in the kitchen, think of small golden lights under the cabinets around the whole kitchen. Sleek modern designs of lights will add up to the modern vibe of the space too.

Contrasted Countertops

When you are trying to create a contrast in the kitchen, adding contrasting countertops can be another idea. When you are planning to make it look modern, go for a marble countertop that will be contrasting the reddish-brown cabinets.

So, now as you know about these ideas to make the cherry cabinets look modern, what are you waiting for? Rush to your nearby stores and get your hands on the extensive collection of discount kitchen cabinets and implement these ideas.

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