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It is said that the family that eats together stays healthy and happy for the longest time. Food and family have been intertwined for centuries. The early man probably went out hunting in the harshest environment and was proud and happy to see his family sharing his catch and being nourished by it. It must have been a happy time of their day. Even now, in the advanced age that we live in, we find that most of our interactions with our family happen during meal times. That is precisely why it is crucial to provide comfort while enjoying each other’s familial company. Dining rooms, and in turn, round glass dining table are the hub of the household. It is where the shiest of the shy, busiest of the busy and laziest of the lazy can find their own space to feel at ease.

As the world has transformed and we have passed the age of the Living Room, the dining room has taken on special importance. To add a cherry to the cake, the dining table does not only serve the purpose of being a platform of activity, but it has now taken on a more decorative form. A. The dining room can serve as many functions as you’d want it to. Nevertheless, in its nuances, the dining table is also only suitable for most kinds of homes and rooms. Many creative and super innovative styles have emerged at the turn of the century. Let us explore a few of them here.

  1. The Kitchen Table

Not strictly a ‘dining table,’ the kitchen table is the earliest prototype of a common gathering area of the family. In the late 18th to the mid 19th century, peasant homes which were limited in their sizes and could not afford separate dining rooms housed a kitchen table which would be placed somewhere either in the kitchen area or in the adjoining family room. The uniqueness of this style lies in its compact form and complete functionality. It does not allow too many people to be sat around it but is ideal for smaller families.

  1. Farmhouse Style

As the name suggests, this dining table originated in the farmhouses and public places. It is elongated and is generally put at the elbow height to maximize the reach. It can entirely be paired with plain wooden benches. Even today, many public places prefer to own one of the farmhouse styles of the dining table as it can seat more people than a typical table and is used to lay out an extensive array of food. Even though it has paltry and poor origins, this style of dining table now sits proudly in royal and ancient farmhouses, forts and museums.

  1. Royal Dining Style

This kind of dining table is found only in royal households as it requires plenty of space. Royal Dining tables are used for dinner parties that have more than ten or twelve guests. These tables are incredibly long and usually require a substantial separate dining area. They are also referred to as French Country Style dining tables. In old England, all aristocratic families who used to entertain guests regularly housed these tables in elegant rooms, decorated with flowers and unique carvings.

  1. Contemporary Style

The contemporary style of dining table is modern, mostly geometric and minimalistic in its functionality as well as its appearance. The materials used in making it are plastic, glass or synthetics. It has sharp angles and uniform design. It is also characterized by its minimalist appearance and light weight, owing to its flexible functionality. It can be put either in the kitchen or even in a separate dining area. It is simplistic in its approach and serves the modern and contemporary mindset.

  1. Kitchen Island

It cannot be placed in a dining ‘table’ category, strictly speaking. But, owing to its similar functionality, it can be placed in this category fair and square. The kitchen Island is a permanent structure made of wood or concrete in the kitchen itself, resembling a counter and can be used as either. It is sometimes called a ‘Breakfast Bar’ too. It has polished granite or marble countertops and can be used as a countertop, a dining table, or even a prepping station for the meals. The kitchen island is the most popular style amongst the younger generation as it compliments an open floor plan, looking right into the living room or the family room.

There are numerous other styles of dining tables as people are getting more creative with their ideas and are happily leaving behind a strict standard of a particular style. Many blends and combinations of these styles can also be seen in modern homes, as per their requirement. The beauty of the dining table is that it can be modified according to the needs of the house, without having to compromise on its value.

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