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Things to consider when making Improvements to your Home


When people are looking to make improvements to their home, there are lots of different things that they take into consideration.  This can include some simple, innovative things that can make a huge difference to the interior of the home or on the other scale it could include larger more extensive projects that need a lot of time or money.  Depending on why the improvement activity is being completed can help determine which option is being completed.  Some people do this for their own satisfaction whilst others may embark on plan to increase the overall value of the home if they are looking to sell it.  We will show how simple lighting changes can make an impact that tick both boxes.

Ceiling Lighting

There are many different types of ceiling lights that people can opt for within their home which can include some cheap options from the local DIY store or they can go for some luxury lighting. This may cost slightly more but you are then guaranteed good quality and peace of mind.  Going for the luxury option will also ensure that there is more of an impact in the home. People may also be put off by the word luxury as they will make assumptions that this means “expensive”, but this does not have to be the case. Absolutely there are lots of different ceiling lights that could cost you loads of money but there are lots of reasonably well priced options out there that are just as good. If you catch the store at the right time, you may also get a bargain or sale on the go.


It has become more common in the homes for different rooms to have spotlights installed.  These are usually on the ceiling and are not specific to one type of room. People have spotlights in bathrooms, living rooms, kitchens, hallways, bedrooms, or study’s.  Most people will not endeavour to install these on their own and they will look to have the experts come in to do this.  This is usually in the form of a local electrician.  If you are looking to take on this project on your own, be careful as playing around with electricity when not qualified is not advised.


A very quick way to make an impact in a room is to change the strength or colour of the lightbulbs in any of the lights.  This could be the ceiling lights or even the lamps.  Straight away, the “mood” in any room is impacted by doing this.  There are many different lightbulb strengths available which also include energy efficient ones (slightly more expensive although they last longer).


People sometimes bypass how impactful lighting improvements in a home can be and it is sometimes overlooked.  With this not being a massive burden on the expenses it is an option that homeowners looking for simple improvements should consider.


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