Three Secrets Effective Remote Workers Have to Share with Newbies


For some people, remote work has been their bread and butter for many years now. The ability to earn from virtually anywhere and enjoy the flexibility like no other is what prompted many to take up a remote job or two. While many wanted a taste of how telecommuting is like, some had to suddenly jump in the remote work wagon during the pandemic.

Ever since the COVID-19 issue became a world health crisis, many companies had to allow their staff to work from home. For others, they needed to find a remote job after getting laid off. But for most remote workers who chose to start working remotely, a survey says they chose to telecommute in search of better work-life balance.

Whether you made the choice yourself or had to switch to remote working because of the pandemic, there is a need to make sure you try to be effective in your new work setting. Note that traditional employees may find the shift to be a bit of a shock. Sure, remote working as its perks, but not everyone can say this work setup is for them. If you are new in telecommuting, there are lessons worthy of learning from the pros so you too can become effective remote workers.

Be creative when it comes to your workspace

Being cooped up at home, which is also your new place of work can be depressing, especially if you live alone. For newbies who live with their family and little kids, it is easy to get distracted, keep everything in place, and focus on your tasks. What you can do is to have a dedicated workplace only meant for work.

If you can, redecorate a part of the house with the least distraction. Aside from the basic furniture and equipment, spice up the space by adding an indoor plant or succulent, invest in new designer wallpaper and window treatment to shade your space. This is not to say this can be your only place of work. You can choose to change your setting every once in a while by working in a cafe, co-working space, or even in your deck or patio for a change in scenery.

Maintain a schedule but don’t forget to take breaks

If you want to be productive, make sure to work during your most productive hours. Set up your ideal work hours and make sure to stick to it. If you can, do the hardest tasks first.

Don’t forget to take breaks in between. This will help you become more productive. For the best results, you can try the 25-minute Pomodoro Technique.

Say no to distractions

Traditional workers have different distractions compared to remote workers. Kids begging for your attention, household chores, gadgets, and social media are the common things that distract many remote workers from focusing on their jobs. By learning how to avoid such interference, you can stay effective and productive.

Aside from having a dedicated working space, make sure to talk to your housemates about your situation. Prepare everything the kids might need beforehand to keep them occupied while you work. Remove temptations such as silencing your phone for social media alerts, only stop for self-care and avoid multitasking.

Many often find themselves in deep trouble after failing to stay productive while working remotely. While there are things beyond your control, it is imperative that you try to do everything in your power to take charge of the things that are under your jurisdiction. It won’t be easy to try to be an effective and productive remote worker, but it is never impossible to achieve.

Meta Title: Must-know Lessons New Remote Workers Can Learn from the Pros

Meta Description: Finding it hard to adjust to your new remote work setup? Here’s how you can adjust and become more effective in your new role as a remote worker.



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