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Tips for Designing a Custom Pole Barn House



It used to be the case that when most people heard the term “pole barn,” they took the term literally and immediately pictured actual agricultural outbuildings. Today’s Pole Barn Builders get just as many requests to build residential homes as they do barns, though. The post-frame construction used to make pole barns is perfect for constructing residential houses, and with a little work, property owners can create perfect designs for their new living quarters. Before reaching out to a local contractor, read on to find some excellent tips for designing the perfect pole barn house to get those creative juices flowing.

Get a Great Designer

No matter how well-developed a property owner’s ideas are for his or her new pole barn house, it’s always wise to work with a skilled designer to bring them to fruition. Most pole barn contractors will allow their clients to customize their structures in a variety of ways, and some even provide design consultation services prior to the building phase. It’s important for clients to have a good idea of what they want out of their homes, but they can trust these experts to help them bring their ideas to life.

Keep an Open Floor Plan

One of the many advantages of building a pole barn house is that it allows new homeowners tons of leeway when it comes to floor plans. In traditional stick-frame homes, the walls are weight-bearing, which means there are certain limitations regarding where windows and doors can be placed and how large they can be. It’s also much more expensive to incorporate an open floor plan into a traditional home. Post-frame construction eliminates all those issues, so it’s perfectly possible to have a bright, sunny, wide-open living space that transitions into a kitchen, for example. Take advantage of that fact.

Add a Loft

Pole barns, especially those with wide-open floor plans, lend themselves perfectly to second-story lofts. These partially enclosed spaces create a cozy nook that will make a perfect bedroom, playroom, or hangout space. A loft set over an open living room will create some extra private space without ruining the appeal of the open floor plan, and extra skylights can help to brighten it up.

Don’t Feel Limited to Rustic Designs

Post-frame construction may be perfectly suited to crafting beautiful ranch-style homes, but that doesn’t mean every property owner has to go rustic with his or her design. The versatility of pole barns means it’s also possible to create a thoroughly modern, minimalist aesthetic. It’s perfectly fine to incorporate contemporary design features, decor, and technology into a pole barn house, so don’t let purists say anything different.

Plan for Additions

Many property owners opt for post-frame construction to save money on their first homes. They can let their builders know if they plan to add more space in the future to make it easier to design new additions that will accommodate a growing family. It’s easy to customize and add onto pole barn homes, but determining where future additions might be placed can reduce complications when it’s time to start the projects.

The Bottom Line

Pole barns aren’t always barns. Post-frame construction is also the perfect building method for creating beautiful, custom homes on a budget. Property owners who plan to use their pole barns as residential units should let their contractors know so they can help with permitting and design creation.


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