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Tips for Successful Office Construction


The decision to build new offices is an exciting and important one. Building an office from the ground up requires a significant amount of planning and attention to detail. To ensure the success of the process, follow these tips.

Get Financing in Place

Before starting construction, the company’s owner should get all their financing in order. They’ll need information on the structure they’d like to build, as well as the business’ current and predicted profits. Knowing how much money there is to work with will help an owner determine the viability of the project and form a rough completion timeline.

Hire a Good Designer

Business owners undoubtedly want their new buildings to work well and meet their companies’ needs. While it’s easy to envision the perfect office building, hiring a designer will help bring those visions to life. The designer will take a client’s ideas and create blueprints that are structurally sound, code compliant, and efficient. With a good foundational design, it’s easy to ensure the success of a commercial building project.

Choose the Right Contractor

Once the office building’s design has been worked up, it’s crucial to find a contractor who can take the design from blueprint to reality. To find the right builder, research is essential. Ensure that the contractor is licensed, bonded, and insured, and ask to see their previous work. It’s also a good idea to see how they interact with clients, as the commercial construction process can be a long one.

Get a Building Permit

Before work can begin, the business owner must secure the appropriate commercial construction permits. These requirements vary depending on location, so it’s important for owners to learn about their area’s laws and guidelines. They’ll also need to submit building plans and other documents. Because the permitting process takes time, it’s best to get started as early as possible.

Schedule a Land Survey

Once the necessary permits have been obtained, it’s time to have the building site surveyed. A land survey will ensure the continued viability of the project. The surveyor will perform soil tests to ensure that the land can support the structure and that there are no old structures underground. Crews may also be able to offer information on the land’s history, which may prove useful in some cases.

Get Several Bids

When working with a commercial contractor, it’s a good idea to get several bids. Obtaining competitive quotes allows business owners to get the best prices for the work they need done, and it also offers them the chance to meet several contractors and gauge their level of experience.

Hope for the Best, But Prepare for the Worst

No matter how well-crafted a building plan may be, a setback may occur. There’s no way to control the weather, a contractor may order the wrong supplies, or an on-the-job accident may occur. While some of these issues are serious, they don’t have to derail a project completely—especially if the business owner plans for them and knows what to do when they occur.

These steps, when followed, will ensure the success of an office construction project. While problems typically arise, proper communication and planning will help business owners overcome them. Call or click today to find out how the company can help bring any owner’s vision to life.

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