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Tips To Keep Your Entrance Floor Mats Look New


Everyone wants to make their house good-looking and attractive. For which we try various ideas, use decorative things. Likewise, to make our floor gentle many people use floor mats, which gives our floor an alluring touch to the interior of our house. It helps to create a good impression of our inner home in front of the guest and other people.

Where can you buy the best quality floor mats?

Nowadays in the market, there are hundreds of different types of floor mats available. However, customized floor mats give houses a different level of awesome look but it is hard to get such quality mats. Hence, you can trust Ultimate Mats, from where you can get the best quality custom logo mat for schools and companies.

How do the mats look new?

While using floor mats it is very necessary to clean and maintain the floor mats very carefully. As your entrance floor mat reflects the interior of the house. With proper maintenance, you can keep your mat looking new. So, here are some tips you can use to keep your floor mat look new:

  • Washing machine:

It is very necessary to keep it clean hence you can clean your mat with the help of a washing machine whether it will be domestic or commercial. Before going for washing make sure if the mat is washable or not, and if they are washable you can go for a washing machine or even for the hose and dry method also.

  • Wet and Dry vacuum cleaning:

As for the washing machine, before going for a wet and dry vacuum make sure from the vendor that it is suitable for the mat or not. As the wet and dry vacuum cleaner contains a strong and versatile motor, they easily remove the hidden dust and debris and are ideal for wet spills.

  • Daily vacuum:

A daily vacuum cleaning is an ideal way to maintain and keep the mats clean, especially for the medium foot traffic which you can easily clean. However, in case of heavy foot traffic, you have to take a deeper clean. It will keep the mat looking clean and gentle.

  • Damp cloth wash or mop:

This is usually done for the rubber mats. Here, you just have to mop the mat with a damp wipe or cloth. Additionally, you can use chemicals such as any kind of cleaning liquid or disinfectant but make sure that they won’t damage the mat.

  • Shake out the mats:

It is just a simple process where you can remove the dirt, crumbs, or other debris from the surface of the mats with light foot traffic. Shake the mats well and then just go for a vacuum cleaner for better cleaning. However, don’t do these near your entry area as the dust and debris will be piled there.


As keeping the floor mats clean and maintained is very necessary to make them look new, always follow these tips to get better results and to make your mat look perfect.

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