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Top Kitchen Trends To Follow This Year


Kitchen decor is one of the main components of a well-designed home. With a lot of its recent trends in the highlight right now, it has become one of the first aspects to get noticed. Given below are a few kitchen trends that can impart your kitchen a fresh new look:

1. Concealed storage

One of the ongoing trends in kitchen decor is concealed storage. It is a common conception that open displays of utensils don’t look appealing if they aren’t designed properly. All the modern kitchen decor comprises of closed containment of vessels. When this trend is accompanied by a wooden, vintage or any other ongoing decor, it would be an appealing combination.

2. Open shelving

While the closed decor is important, the kitchen should not look very congested or crowded with closed decor. Especially when it comes to daily use material such as salt, pepper or sugar, it would be very difficult if they are kept in a cabinet. Hence, open shelving would come into usage in this scenario, where containers complimenting the decor can be put for display.

3. White wall decor  

This is a common phenomenon applied to any room if the allocated space is restricted. It would be useful, specifically in kitchen decor, as it traditionally, receives the least space of all rooms. The addition of a white wall with any kind of decor would allow the room to look more spacious. The kitchen wouldn’t look contained and it will seem blended and better connected between all the rooms.

4. Dining combined kitchen

This trend gives the illusion of more space. Moreover, this also allows the kitchen to connect more with the other rooms. If this is combined with an open kitchen, it will only look better. The pen kitchen is among the most popular trends nowadays. You can place the dining area right in the middle of the kitchen to give a lively touch to the kitchen atmosphere or you can attach it towards the side end of the kitchen so it seems like a counter.

Due to the significance of kitchen decor in a home, it is advisable to approach designers who are more specialized in this subject. Cuisines Rosemere specializes in kitchen decor and can provide you with all the latest trends. Further, designers who are specialized in specific decor would be a preferred choice in comparison to overall designers as they will have better ideas. 

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