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Everybody has a dream house, no matter how big or small it may be. And if you’re close to getting that house, then it’s time to look for experts that can help make your vision a reality. At Destination Living, they ensure that your home is the best decision you ever had. They specialise in designing, creating, and building a custom home that you always wanted to have. They have skilled interior designers, architects, and builders that have years of experience up their sleeves. With their help, you will get your custom dream house in no time.

Destination Living has a different approach to building your home. Their process involves creativity, research, and quality. Some of the homes they can build are narrow block homes, sloping blocks, difficult blocks, and more. With Destination Living, no challenge is too difficult for them to accomplish. There is always a workaround for everything to work – all for the home of your dreams.

The Process that Destination Living Follows

Destination Living has a simple process, but it’s already a foolproof plan with no room for errors or mistakes. Their strategy includes collaboration, creativity, and quality. From the planning phase to the execution, Destination Living can do it all for you. They have the best and most skilled architects with years of expertise to design and create your home. There are expert interior designers who will make sure your home is your own while collaborating with you to get your approval. Then, they will coordinate everything for you and use quality materials and products for your dream home.

For over 22 years, Destination Living has already refined its approach to providing a structured and more detailed plan that will place you at the centre of the project. They make sure to blend creativity, quality assurance, and collaboration in keeping you informed throughout the planning stage. Each stage, communication, design, and your special requirements are the sole focus to ensure you get the house you always wanted.

Destination Living’s Major Home Projects

Narrow block homes are the kind of homes that are in narrow or odd-shaped sites, which always poses a challenge to the builders. But Destination Living has a team of experts with specific architectural knowledge and expertise that can find a way around these challenges. They know the right approach to build your home on the site that you want successfully.

Another project is sloping blocks, where builders usually take a standard home design and fit it into a sloping block. But Destination Living has a different strategy, where they try to design a visionary home given the unique environment it will stand on.

Complex blocks are not a problem with Destination Living, as long as each project is intelligently planned by architects and designers who have years of experience. It’s all about maximising the space and creating the perfect design that will fit flawlessly and smoothly. Once you have that plan, Destination Living can transform a challenging site into your new beautiful home.

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