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Tulum, Mexico Real Estate: A Money-Generating Tropical Paradise For Foreign Investors


Are you a real estate investor aiming to boost your investment portfolio by purchasing a residential rental property? But you are quite baffled as to where you will invest your money out of thousands of real estates that are available in the market today. Well, let me help in ironing your thoughts by showing you the benefits of owning a real estate in Tulum, Mexico.

Tulum: The Rising Lucrative Land of Central America

Despite its laidback lifestyle, Tulum is becoming one of the top destinations in the world for both local and international tourists due to its rich biosphere and cultural heritage. This flourishing town in the Yucatán Peninsula, which is situated on the Caribbean coastline, is a home to 46,721 people of various ancestries with a population density of 23.15/km2 based on the census of CityPopulation.DE. This population is primarily dominated by people aging from 15-64 years old, which is a hirable age range, followed by the elderlies (65+ y/o) and teenagers (<14 y/o). According to, this piece of land in Riviera Maya in the state of Quintana Roo, Mexico with an area of 2,019km2 has been visited by 2.19 million people around the globe for the following reasons:

Exceptional Tourist Spots

  • It is a home to the most beautiful and best white sand beaches in the world.
  • The town of Akumal is a popular snorkeling site and sanctuary for loggerhead and green turtles.
  • Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve, which is considered a part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site, is the largest protected flora and fauna in the entire Mexican Caribbean making it a haven for exotic animals such as jaguars, flamingoes, and crocodiles.
  • The town is a gem for the divers because of its rich marine ecosystem and breathtaking cave features found in its cenotes (underwater sinkholes), underground river system, and lagoons.
  • Its ancient Mayan temples are great archeological sites.

Boho Lifestyle

  • Its laidback lifestyle, which makes it a perfect getaway, does not hinder the sprouting of seasonal boutiques, nightlife, and other recreational activities like ziplines, canoeing, and yoga.
  • The Mayan cuisine, which involves the fusion of veggies, meat, and spices, will never fail to entertain your palate.
  • According to, the crime and safety indices of Tulum are 35.42 and 64.58, respectively, which is marked as safe for business and a place to live.

Tropical Savanna Weather

  • It is rarely stricken by hurricanes, but the town is not exempted from weak tropical cyclones.
  • Due to its weather, the town has abundant agricultural and marine resources.

Because of these, Tulum becomes a promising lucrative land for real estate investors as its revenue is highly dependent on its ecotourism, which ensures a constant influx of international visitors, that can generate ROI as high as 8% as long as it is managed by a professional rental management company. Hence, it is expected that the economy of Tulum will boom even more in the following years because of the development of new infrastructures.

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