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Types of wood for furniture: how to choose for Purchase success


What is the best wood for furniture? We know that design  is one of the first characteristics evaluated when buying furniture. However, even though the appearance of a model counts a lot when reselling, it alone does not guarantee customer satisfaction. For that, it is necessary that shopkeepers also worry about the quality of the material used in each piece.

Today we will cover the main types of wood for furniture and help you in choosing the best option for sale. For choosing the right type of wood furniture  you need to read the followings:

Main types of wood for furniture

In interior decoration, wood is synonymous with sophistication and good taste. According to a study carried out a few years ago, wooden furniture is, to a large extent, the most consumed in Brazil in all social classes.

However, sales success is directly linked to the choice of the best furniture wood. As a product of its biological diversity, wood has an immense variety of colors and textures. Each species is suitable for the manufacture of a specific product or for an exact use.

Thus, like other materials, wood can also be found in different sizes, shapes and compositions. The options vary according to the species and make it possible to obtain furniture made from hardwood, reconstituted wood boards or reuse wood.

If you are preparing your next large-scale purchases , take a look at the main types of wood marketed and define which one deserves to be part of your product line.

Solid wood

It is a type of wood worked in its pure state, that is, without the interference of other products and synthetic fibers. Solid wood is of high quality and widely used in the manufacture of furniture with a rustic and colonial style. Some of the most used species on the market:


Wood considered noble and sophisticated. Its color varies from vibrant reddish brown to pink, a detail that makes it unmistakable. With high stability, durability and easy to be worked, mahogany is also quite resistant to the action of fungi and termites.
This wood, very present, is very popular for the manufacture of bookcases, chairs, tables and sofa bases, always identified as a great wood for high standard furniture.


As it is one of the species currently threatened with extinction, the extraction of mahogany is surrounded by strict rules. These restrictions meant that most of the materials sold under the “mahogany pattern” brand were composed of wood of other species, covered, at the end, by a generous layer of this noble species.

American Oak

Hard wood of moderate durability; despite its rigidity, it is considered easy to work with, but difficult to dry. It manages to combine simplicity and elegance in a single piece, which justifies the reason why oak coffee tables are so successful in the market. Brown, beige, brown and honey are among its main shades.

Despite its beauty, this material does not have great resistance to insects. If there is no special care, the wood may present, in the medium term, cracks and deformations.To increase the durability of American oak furniture, care must be taken to move it around, lifting the pieces instead of dragging them. Keep these furniture away from heat or hot pans too.


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