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Uses of Ergonomic and Anti-Fatigue Mats inan Industrial Environment


The anti-fatigue mats Industrial is safety equipment designed to reduce fatigue caused by long periods spent standing on a hard surface.

According to the experts of the trade, the use of the industrial anti fatigue drainage mats makes it possible to reinforce the safety at work and to improve the comfort of the employees who are brought to work while standing on a hard surface (concrete, cement for example) repetitive and prolonged.

Who Are The People Concerned By Industrial Anti-Fatigue Mats

In the field of industry, employees are often required to work in a repetitive and prolonged standing position to stomp and carry loads, which can cause musculoskeletal disorders (pain in the lower limbs and back, fatigue, poor blood circulation)

A person working for a prolonged period without an industrial carpet will gradually feel a dysfunction of the balance, a continuous muscular contraction, which can cause a disruption of blood circulation, fatigue, and problems in the body backs, legs, and feet. Low back pain is common among employees who spend many hours standing each day. In addition, the repetitiveness of gestures and other factors of work constraints can speed up the process.

Anti-fatigue industrial carpets improve musculoskeletal comfort and help maintain the postural balance required for standing and uniform repetition while reducing musculoskeletal problems and their consequences on the daily lives of users. In addition, the office entrance mats is also an ideal option to reduce dirt at your work place.

What Are The Advantages Of Industrial Anti-Fatigue Mats

The anti-fatigue mat creates a slight instability that allows for oscillating the body of the user by soliciting the muscles of his legs. The operator unconsciously moves his feet, even in a static position, which allows him to relieve his joints and boost blood circulation.

The anti-fatigue mats Industrial is an alliance between an ergonomic surface and an under layer rubber cushioning that promotes the unconscious search for balance by stimulating blood flow and reducing fatigue. However, be careful not to have too soft a surface, since in this case, the operator will have to produce too much effort to maintain his balance.

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