Using Mulch to Prevent Weed Growth and Pests in Florrisant


When spring arrives, families start to make plans for their vacation; however, many individuals start making plans to keep their gardens and yards safe from weeds and pests. As you know, weeds and pests can cause more harm to your garden by feeding on your grounds and making them their breeding fields. However, many individuals are using mulch for their gardens and yards since it can help improve the nature and health of the soil but also act as a natural enemy for weeds and pests from invading and reproducing their offspring. 

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Understand mulch

Before understanding how mulch prevents weed growth, you must first understand what mulch is. Mulch is an organic material that is used to take care of the field by deterring pests from invading. Mulch can be in different forms like wood, sheets, straw, leaves, and many more. However, one of the additional benefits of mulch is that it can also help improve the quality of the soil.

How does mulch deter weeds and pests?

Blocking sunlight

As you know, mulch is spread over the whole field in a thick layer. Many weeds are germinated due to the light rays of the sun. Mulch makes sure that the sunlight does not reach the depth of the soil due to its thick layer.

Smothering weeds

Smothering weeds

Once in a blue, the weeds get a chance to sprout even if the sunlight does not reach them. However, the mulch does not allow them to come out and grow since they are blocked by the thick surface.

Retaining moisture

Another benefit of mulch is it can make sure that the moisture of the soil is retained. This lessens the chance of more watering, and the less you water the soil, the more weeds will not grow. 

Habitat for insects

As mentioned above, mulches can be in different forms, such as straw and wood. Therefore, these straws and woods eventually become a shelter for insects like spiders and beetles. These insects are natural enemies for the pests since they feed on them. Therefore, pests avoid invading fields that have beetles and other insects that feed on them.

Temperature regulation

Mulch has this specialty to regulate the temperature of soil so that it can stop the pests from breeding and growing. If it is summer season, the mulch will make the temperature of the soil cooler, and in winter, it increases the soil temperature. Thus, mulch can be very useful for your soil.

If you are not aware of how mulch benefits your fields and yards, consider seeking professional guidance from your pest control team.

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