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Viscose rugs and its cleaning hacks


Viscose is the natural material contains from the processing of cellulose or lies between the nylon or silk. In the field of carpet manufacturing viscose is used to produced carpets, rugs and mats for the floor. Viscose rugs offer  a fine blend of wool, silk, and cotton that are fit for the styling and beautify the place. The material is usually manufactured with the processing of material and chemicals in the production process. It is not 100% organic nor a synthetic material, we can say it a semi-synthetic material.

Why use viscose rugs at home?

The industry of interior designing and manufacturing is continuously doing efforts to improve living and styling aesthetics. Viscose material is one of the examples that offer a comprehensive styling and designing variety. The use of viscose rugs around the world is common and popular as well. the reason behind the popularity, it comes in different colors, cost-effective and provides a variety of styling and looks like a natural silk rug. Dark, vibrant and elegant colors make them exceptional and everyone affords them because they are at less cost and highly available.

Is it good to have viscose rugs option?

Viscose is a limited production material of artificial silk that is produced to make the matting less expensive and readily available. But, if we consider it in a parameter of durability and maintenance, viscose is not an ideal option to have. Visit this website for more.  itcnaturalluxuryflooring.com/natural-carpets/ .

It is made from the synthetic chemical and cellulose, or a relatively less durable. Sometimes it is overvalued due to the pattern, colors, and style but it does not worth it. Most importantly it is essential to maintain the moisture not keep it in good condition for the long run. With heavy furniture, rubbing can make it damaged early.

Tips to maintain the viscose rugs

For the viscose rugs maintenance, a person needs to do much care and pay attention to it. It is a highly sensitive material and not so durable to stand in every situation. They highly delegate and sensitive. So, to keep it in its original shape and for cleaning consider the following tips:

  • As compared to other option you can clean the viscose rugs by simply cleaning them with water or with a pressure cleaning method.
  • Do not use a high-intensity chemical over the rugs to clean them. It can affect the colors and even damage the pile.
  • While washing tries not to use a thick brush for rubbing. Simply wash it with plain water.
  • Do not dry it in direct sunlight. Direct content with the sun can reduce the life and rug can damage quickly.
  • Try to keep the rugs out of the moisture content, because it can increase the life of rugs and keep them in perfect condition for long.

Final consideration!

Viscose rugs offer a wide option in coloring and styling. It is best if you have a limited budget and want to go for cost-effective rugs options. but it needs to be maintained with care to increase life.  




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