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Watch Out for Warning Signs Your Swimming Pool Shows to Avoid Costly Repairs


Some of us are fortunate to own a pool in our backyard. A swimming pool at home guarantees unlimited fun for both adults and kids at any time of the year. Though pools are built to last, occasional mishaps can lead to damages, which need immediate fixing. If you keep postponing the repair works, it’ll turn out to be a costly affair.

Get in touch with professional pool services:

Rather than waiting until you spot a repair, plan ahead and shortlist good professional pool maintenance service in your vicinity, so that you can call them as soon your pool needs fixing. Cherry Pool Services offer the best San Diego pool services at competitive prices. They are one of the top picks of homeowners owing to their excellent customer care and quality services.

Their experienced staff conducts regular inspection and helps you avoid the most common issues that arise with pools. Issues don’t arise with only pools that have been around for long, even new pools may display damage due to a number of reasons. Keep an eye for warning signs that mandates the need for professional repair works.

Common signs to look out for:

  • Wall cracks: Concrete walls can develop cracks. The major reason for wall cracks is water leakage which results in water wastage and erosion of soil surrounding the pool. Bigger cracks require re-plastering.
  • Unclean water: Regular treating of water and changing your sand filter once every three years is important to keeps the water clean.  If you still find the water cloudy/ unclean there may be problems with pipe work, blockage in the sand filter or due to rust from a crack.
  • Cold water: If your swimming pool is equipped with a water heater and yet you still find the water cold, it is a sign of malfunctioning heater. Possible reasons for this are blocked pipes cutting down water and air flow or problems in the panel.
  • Low water levels: Do you notice your water level going down by at least ¼ inch? It could be due to a leaking liner which needs immediate attention. In some case you’ll have to replace the liner. 
  • Broken lights: Tread carefully since electricity is involved. A broken light and water could lead to unfortunate consequences. A professional will drain the swimming pool, shits off the main electricity supply and fixes it.
  • Pool pump: Your pool pump is faulty when it emits loud unsettling noises or turns off on its own which could result in unclean pool water.
  • Greenish water: When you fail to check the water, the chlorine levels could go down which results in algae formation. 
  • Discolored fiberglass: The material is prone to discoloration which implies it’s time for a professional acid wash.

Only a professional knows the right way to fix repairs and he/she will make let you know what can be done to avoid certain problems. A professional has a better eye for detail and inspects the common problematic areas for repairs which have escaped your eye. Hire professional services for pool repairs to avoid costly mistakes.

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