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What Are The Most Common Landscaping Services


Every landscaping project is unique in its own way, but they often fall into several categories.  The five landscaping services that are offered most commonly by a landscaping company are below:

1) Landscaping Design

Choosing the right landscaper for your home can be overwhelming when you consider all of the options available to choose from.  One aspect of hiring a landscaper that homeowners should understand is how important landscaping designs are to making their dream vision become reality. A good landscaper will provide you with a landscaping plan for your home before designing anything.  Their landscaping plans will be very detailed and should include reputable landscaping ideas that fit within your budget.  

2) Yard Maintenance

When thinking about landscapers, most homeowners believe that landscapers only offer design services – however, this is not the case!  Landscapers also provide maintenance services to their clients. These yard care services can be scheduled weekly, biweekly or monthly appointments with the landscaper in an effort to save homeowners time and money on yard work. By hiring a landscaper to maintain their yard, it allows homeowners to have more free time which they can use doing things outside of mowing grass or pulling weeds.

3) Hardscape Installation

Another landscaping service that landscapers offer is hardscape installation, which includes patios and walkways.  If you’re thinking about landscaping your backyard, adding a patio or pathway to make it more functional is important for homeowners who want to use their yard year-round. A path can create a direct route from one location on the property to another without having to step through overgrown grass and soil areas.  

4) Irrigation System Installation

One of the most important landscaping services that landscapers provide is their irrigation system.  It’s recommended that homeowners water plants regularly throughout the seasons in order to keep their plants healthy and alive during each season.  However, landscaping irrigation systems are not designed for this purpose. Although landscapers do perform services that include designing landscaping irrigation systems, most landscapers will install the irrigation system during your landscaping design project.

5) Outdoor Lighting

Many homeowners spend a lot of time outdoors in their backyards for entertainment purposes with friends and family.  But when it’s dark outside, there is no light source available to provide illumination on outdoor entertaining areas or pathways throughout the yard. This is where landscaping lighting comes into play!  You can choose from many options of landscape lights – whether you prefer solar-powered pathway lights or you prefer landscape lighting that is integrated with your landscaping irrigation system.


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