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What Do I Choose: Rent a Home or Shared Living?


The huge inquiry that every university student faces: should you live alone or with roomies? Finding a new location to live as well as determining who, if any individual, you must deal with is a large decision to make. Before you sign that lease, do your research to find out which living circumstance is best for you.

To help you make a decision if you need to live alone or with flatmates, we have actually created a listing of benefits that you are going to have if you choose to share living.

  • Delighting in a larger house

With flatmates to help you pay the rental fee, you’ll likely have the ability to afford a bigger location than if you live alone. A larger apartment or condo doesn’t simply suggest more bedrooms, it can imply more space around. A bigger living room, an assigned dining location, a second restroom, — these rewards are typically included with larger houses. If all the roommates can agree on the monthly lease, a bigger apartment or condo can be far better than a little one you reside in alone.

  • Sharing the expenses

When you have flatmates, utilities, as well as other expenditures, can be similarly shared. You can share the cord bill, split the water bill, as well as divide the cost of the heating as well as cooling. Simply make certain everyone consents to pay their reasonable share.

If you intend to include HBO to your wire plan, as well as your roommates do not agree, you may require to spend for that extra on your own. Sharing expenses can place even more money in everybody’s pocket.

  • Having good friends around

It’s easy to create lasting relationships with individuals you cope with, as well as roomies can become lifelong friends. If you desire a social ambiance when you get back at the end of the day, living with others might be specifically what you need. If the flatmate dynamic is right, it can be a great experience for every person included.

If you are living in Brussel and thinking about renting a room or live in shared living, please visit to clear your mind.

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