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What exactly is a curtain?


A curtain is typically a long piece of fabric that is used to cover a window from bright light. It’s usually anchored to a rod that supports the fabric. One can move the fabric with hand or pull a string attached to the curtain that will open them up. This is characteristically used in stage areas.

Some different types of curtains

  1. Box pleated curtains

The terminology here is pretty basic, the word normally denoting the appearance. In box pleats, the pleats are very formal. They have folds that extend to the far bottom of the curtain. They can be used in more formal settings like offices or libraries.

  1. Eyelet curtains

This is again a very simple form of curtain where the fabric has silver rings around a hole that is intermittently placed between fixed gaps. It is then passed through a rod, making it easy to open and close. These are hardy to use and well suited for children.

  1. Rod pocket curtains

Here, the curtains are sewn in and the cloth is tightly fit together making it a lot harder to open and close frequently. This is ideal in situations where they don’t require much use like a conference room or AV theatre.

  1. Pinch pleated curtains

In this type of curtain, the fabric is pleated at the top giving it a decorative look. The pleats can come in three, four or five finger pleats. The more pleats you have, the more fabric you require, building up on the costs.

  1. Tailored pleats

This is exactly like the pinch pleats but what makes it different is that the pleat starts at the top and falls from there. This makes it look fancier so you can experiment with different colours and fabrics.

  1. Goblet pleat curtains

This is a perfect kind of pleated curtain for old bungalows with high ceilings. Here, the pleats are at the top as usual but shaped like a goblet. In order to make the goblet pleat look full, wadding can be used.

  1. Tab top curtains

These are similar to the eyelet curtains but instead of holes in the fabric where the rod goes in; there are fabric loops on the top.

  1. Sheer curtains

As the name suggests, this is made out of sheer fabric. Owing to the texture of the cloth, the light enters through. It is not completely opaque.

There are specialized store like Prestige Decor and Store Urbain curtains that provide a wide range of pleated curtains.

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