What Happens When You Ignore a Leaking Roof?


The best time to repair your roof is when the sun is brightly shining. Your roof stands between the inside of your homes and the outside world. They serve as your barrier from outside debris, hail, rain, and snow. They also provide insulation by retaining cool air inside your home during the summer, and heat during winter. Overall, your roof shelters you from the inconveniences of the external environment. But what happens when you ignore a leaking roof? We’re here to guide you on the importance of maintaining your roof in good shape and how to find reliable roofing contractors Sydney wide to fix them.


Do you know why is it important to keep your roof in good shape?

  • First, your roof serves as your protection from the outside world. Even just a small leak can create major problems inside your homes. Water can penetrate your ceiling and electrical system. Such an instance can be risky for a fire to start from electrical grounding or for your roof to collapse.
  • Second, a good roof makes your home more energy-efficient. A structurally sound roof provides proper ventilation. This means that you can maintain a low usage of the air conditioning system during summer or the heating system during winter. As a result, you will have a lower electricity bill. If you want to put solar panels, you still need to have your roof in good shape to accommodate it.
  • Third, a roof in good shape gives a high value to your home. If your roof is well-maintained, it enhances the curb appeal of your home. But if it appears decrepit or is full of algae, moss, and sags, it signals that you haven’t kept your home well and in order. Property buyers often prefer a home with a roof in good shape. Thus, you can command a higher selling value to your property when your roof is well-maintained.

Reliable roofing contractors in Sydney recommend a roof inspection once every 6 months. This is to clean your roof and check if there are any signs of aging and damages to it.


There may be times that you’ll encounter a small leak in your roof. Well, this is the right time to call reliable roofing contractors in Sydney. Never ignore a leaking roof even with the slightest leak. It may lead to major damages, hazards, and risks.

Compromised Structural Integrity. When water leaks constantly in your roof, it may penetrate the foundations of your house – the ceiling and the walls. If your ceilings are made of wood, they can become spongy and weak. Eventually, the ceiling will be totally damaged by water. Moist that enters the wall of your home is an ideal shelter for pests and rodents. As they build a community inside the exterior, they will eat up the structure to find more spaces. Moist can also buckle or curve your walls. As they curve gradually, they are at risk to collapse if not repaired.

Fire Hazards. Our electrical wirings are commonly situated in the ceilings and walls. The presence of moisture that penetrates these wirings because of a roof leak is very dangerous. The moisture rapidly increases the currents flowing in the circuit causing a fuse to blow or the wires to heat up. They can produce a spark resulting in fire.

Health Hazards. A leak in your roof can result in mildew and mould formation inside your homes. A damp and mouldy environment can lead to health hazards. People with high sensitivity may develop allergies on the skin, itchy or red eyes, stuffy nose, and wheezing. Prolonged exposure may lead to more serious health problems like asthma, inflammations, nasal congestion, and rhinitis.

Higher Utility Bills. A leaking roof can cause water intrusion in the insulation of your attic area. When the insulation becomes saturated with water, its performance depletes. Cool and hot air may escape through the leak causing your air conditioners and heaters to pump more energy. They may need to work twice as hard to cool or heat the inside of your homes. These result in high utility bills over time.

In general, never ever ignore a leaking roof! Once you encounter one, quickly make a call to reliable roofing contractors in Sydney to fix it.

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