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What is a Septic Tank and Why do You Need it?


Today, more and more people prefer residential buildings in a townhouse. One of the main reasons for this is the many benefits of suburban life. In addition, modern technology allows you to take full advantage of civilization while enjoying the fresh air and silence. When moving into a country house for permanent residence, each owner raises the question of installing an autonomous sewer system due to the lack of a centralized system. In this case, building a septic tank and having cleaning for septic tank Polk County TN becomes the most effective and economical solution to this problem.

What is a septic tank?

A septic tank is called an engineering sewage treatment system consisting of a sewer protection vessel and wells for filtration or adapted for field cleaning. Thus, the septic tank should consist of at least two capacities, and even better – three. Concrete rings or, for example, concrete pits may be used as containers. This septic tank is made with your own hands and requires minimal financial investment. It is also possible to purchase a septic tank ready. This option consists of a single container, which is internally divided into two or three sections. Often septic tanks are made of plastic.

Principle of septic action

The principle of septic tank operation is that, when they fall into the first sewer capacity of different density and consistency, they stand up. Some of them settle to the bottom and decompose under the influence of microbes (microorganisms that do not need oxygen), and then the illuminated liquid enters either the second settling tank, where the same process takes place, either directly into the well or into the aeration field. The drainage then enters the ground, passing through layers of gravel and sand, so that they are filtered out by thin sludge, which is further attacked by anaerobic microbes.

The choice between the filtration wells and the aeration field depends entirely on the depth of the groundwater.

In general, the bottom of the filtration system should not be closer to 1-1.5 soils and below the freezing point of the soil. So, if the excavation is damp, it is worth stopping the earthworks. If you were able to handle 2 meters or more of depth, then you can put in good filtering. If not, the aeration field (provided it falls below the freezing level of the soil) or look for other options to solve the problem of autonomous sewage.

Think about septic system installations Brookline NH because this might be one of the best decisions you can ever make. Ask professionals what the advantages will be and what you can benefit from having it. It is important to make sure you get only the best for your household because you deserve it.

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