What Is An Alarm Deterrent Poster


Dissuasive posters and plates are one of the most used elements to prevent theft during the holidays. These features indicate that a home is protected with an alarm system. Many criminals do not even try to access it and seek less protected or more comfortable targets. For this reason, these posters are said to have a deterrent effect.

The deterrent plates are usually made of high-strength materials so that they are not damaged in the open. They are generally made of PVC or polycarbonate. However, depending on the security system you have hired, your kit may include, in addition to a plate, several stickers or vinyl.

Recognizing alarm deterrents is easy, as they are often brightly colored to increase visibility. They are also straightforward to read or interpret (they use a simple and large typeface and recognizable icons). They should include information such as the name and logo of the company, the type of alarm (if the system has video surveillance, if it is connected to a CRA, if it includes private security services, etc.), the contact with the company and the number of police.

Where do I have to place the deterrent plate?

Although some people prefer not to show that they have an alarm visibly, the truth is that the function of these plates is precisely to alert of this protection to try to avoid theft and intrusions during the holidays.

Putting up an alarm deterrent placard or placard is relatively straightforward. Depending on its size and type, you can use glue, silicone, nails, or screws to hold it.

But for these elements to be useful, the most important thing is to choose a suitable location.

When you hire a security system for your home, such as an alarm, you have different elements, including an alarm deterrent plate and stickers for the doors or windows.

In homes located in urban settings or developments (for example, semi-detached houses), the facade can be the right place to put a dissuasive alarm plate. The garage door and the rest of the entrances are also an excellent choice to locate the plate, at least the stickers.

In-country houses or chalets with surrounding land, a good option is to put these plates on fences that limit the property. You can get quality alarm systems from commercial security systems chicago


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