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What Questions Should I Ask a Concrete Contractor


Every contractor should meet some standard criteria before receiving any contract. This rule also applies to concrete contractor. Although, while not every contractor is going to meet the standard criteria, the one you choose must be able to answer some basic questions. These questions cover experience, knowledge, and budget ideas. All of these answers help you select the best professional concrete contractors waverly ne, without having to inquire much. Below are several questions you should ask your contract contractor before hiring. You can also add some unique questions to attain a level of specificity.

1. Level of experience

Considered as the most important value every contractor should have, no wonder level of experience tops our list of questions. You want the best contractors working on your project. To get that, ask the contractors about their level of experience and what type of projects they’ve handled in the past. Before meeting them face-face or connecting via a phone call, check their individual websites and source for reviews. A contractor’s level of experience determines how well hiccups during the job will be handled.

2. Portfolio

While word of mouth may go a long way, seeing a portfolio will better help your decision-making. Every professional contractor has a portfolio, ether on paper or on the internet, or both. So ask for a portfolio and use that to rightly judge the contractors. You can also go as far as visiting past clients of your project is dear. Browse the contractor’s portfolio or a project similar to yours to discover more important details.

3. Length of the project

Before asking a question, make sure you already have an idea of what the right answers should be. The length of executing a concrete driveway is usually about 3 days, however, the timeframe is longer for commercial spaces. Knowing how long your project will take helps you prepare and plan your life around the time. Any contractor that gives more than 3 days to construct a concrete driveway in your home may be inexperienced. In such case, inquire of the contractor to uncover the reason behind the lengthy timeframe.

4. Permits

Some projects require permits to be executed with the concerned contractors familiarizing themselves with the permitting process. Ask the contractors on your list if obtaining a permit will be a requisite for the project. If a contractor is unfamiliar with permit process, then you’re dealing with an inexperienced contractor.

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