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What To Consider Before Installing Solar Panels


Before you purchase the equipment of a power plant and install it yourself or with the help of specialists, you need to consider many nuances. They relate to the situation, and the environment of the system, and costs. Proper installation of solar panels will allow the system to run smoothly and recoup costs handsomely.

  • Environment/Shadow source of energy for a private power plant is solar radiation. Logically, it should be enough. A house located in the shade of trees or other individual buildings will receive less power than electricity placed in direct sunlight.
  • Construction Angle

most common mounting of solar power panels on the roof. The work of modular elements of the system here is not so often dependent on the shadow, but it also has features.

the Design should not be at an angle less than 40 degrees. Too sharp a corner of solar energy reception has low efficiency: owners with their own hands can ruin the system.

  • Design Orientation

elements of the system should receive the maximum flow of sunlight. That is why it is necessary to place the structure in the sun. In the northern hemisphere, the front panel should look to the south, in the southern – to the north.

  • Insolation

defined as the flow of solar radiation to the surface of the earth. For each area, the level of insolation will vary according to seasonality. An insolation measure will show the amount of sunlight available for a private home and whether it will be enough to generate electricity.

Higher the insolation, the more energy the modular structural elements will give at the output, they can be smaller in size. If insolation is low, more abundant items will be required. Seek help from solar installation Rocklin CA team to understand the features of a solar panel system.

Can manually calculate the insolation using a specific algorithm, and there are computer programs.

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