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What to Consider When Embarking on a Kitchen Extension


With 2020 seeing country-wide lockdowns, we have all been spending more time than usual in our homes. One thing many of us have quickly realised is that, when the whole family is home, space really is at a premium. While some look to renovations and DIY projects to make lockdown more bearable, others are embarking on larger more permanent projects such as kitchen or home extensions. There are of course a whole host of practical factors to think about when getting an extension, from the financial side and time constraints through to the fun bits like choosing colour schemes and furniture. This article aims to guide you through some on-trend design ideas to contemplate including in your kitchen extension plan.

Plenty of Natural Light

First and foremost, as any good architect will tell you, it is crucial to ensure you bring enough natural light into your space. With any extension it can be tempting to overlook the sometimes complextask of adding or rearranging windows to providesufficient light. You will want to consult a professional to make sure this aspect is well planned, guaranteeing your extension lives up to expectations. If working with a side extension where your property boundaries are close to a neighbour, skylights can be an ideal way to introduce light whilst maintaining privacy. Once you have planned your space to allow enough light to enter the room, consider how you can use this to best advantage by positioning features such as dining or seating areas appropriately.Giving serious thought to utilising natural lighting when you plan your layout will have a dramatic impact on the look of your space and this attention to detail will truly elevate your design.

Broken-Plan Living

For several years now we have seen an increase in popularity of open-plan living, while this can be a fantastic way of making a compact area feel spacious and airy, it can come with some drawbacks. Kitchen smells and noises can be problematic, an open-plan design can limit the amount of storage available and it can also lack privacy. An interesting new way to counteract some of these issues is with broken-plan living. This style aims to strike a balance between the benefits of open-plandesigns while employing more traditionally inspired features to negate the problems. Broken-plan living creates zones through clever use of semi-permanent partitions, different levels and different stylistic finishes. Consider including glass doors or screens to create a stylish and dramatic design feature that separates your kitchen from the rest of the space. Sliding doors or bookcases can also make excellent partitions. Alternatively keep the central part of an existing wall in your extension design for an open plan feel but with the extra wall space to accommodate shelves, kitchen units, or other storage. Whether working with a small or large area, it is worth considering how you can create defined zones within your design to enhance your space and set the perfect atmosphere for each individual use.

A Luxurious Kitchen Island

Another superb addition to your kitchen extension is a kitchen island or peninsula. We really can’t praise this feature enough. The kitchen island is synonymous with a sophisticated modern kitchen, exuding style and luxury. Kitchen islands boast a plethora of benefits. They offer bags of extra storage and worktop space, even giving you room for additional appliances. They can dramatically improve the layout of your kitchen, dividing the living or dining areas and work zone to improvethe flow through the space. Positioning appliances within your island can also improve functionality and accessibility. Kitchen islands make a magnificent focal point for guests or family to gather, ideal for entertaining or even providing somewhere you can set the family to work helping you prep dinner. Ask you kitchen designer about including an island or peninsula in your design to find out more.

The Concealed Kitchen

We all undoubtedly want our kitchens to stand the test of time, however sometimes looking to the latest interior design trends can provide a welcome inspiration to use in your home. One of these upcoming design trends is the concealed kitchen. Starting life in the minimal kitchens of Germany and Scandinavia, the concealed kitchen fuses functionality and aestheticstyle for a gorgeous completely seamless space. German handleless tower units hide any traces of a traditional kitchen for a stylish uncluttered design. Full length tower units provide ample room for appliances, food pantries and even cocktail bars! A concealed kitchen compliments an open-plan extension by making your kitchen as unobtrusive as possible. Striking flat-panel tower units look equally dramatic and sophisticated in a classic kitchen extension, boasting remarkable practicality and ease of use.

Create The Perfect Colour Scheme

One final thing to consider is use of colour. Whenexpanding your space with a fantastic kitchen extension, effective use of colour is a hugely important factor in making your project a success. In a newly created modern space,it can be tempting to go for a sleek and contemporary all-white look, but this might not be doing your design any favours. In a large room an overly pale colour palette can leave a space looking washed out and uninviting. Neutral colour schemes are on trend in 2020, for a more generously sized space consider introducing warmer touches of wood or accents of a richer muted tone such as sage green, beige or dusky pink. Alternatively, opt for dramatic dark hand-painted kitchen units or go for an unusual contemporary finish such as slate or dark wood. Add a vibrant colour or bold textural accent to a wall to transform the atmosphere of your space and tie your design together. Start researching fabulous colour schemes to see how they could transform your space. Scrapbook apps such as Pinterest are a great place to start gathering inspiration as well as browsing magazines and online.

Whether you’re just starting out on your kitchen extension journey or you’ve got the bulk of the work underway, there are plenty of options to explore to really make the most of your design. We highly recommend consulting your kitchen designer early on in the process, as this might shape some of the ideas you have about your project. We wish you all the best of luck with your transformation, and hope that you’ll have a stunning space to welcome guests to when restrictions are lifted!

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