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What to Know About Interior Design in Singapore


When it comes to Singapore landed properties’ interior design, there’s no such thing as a “one size fits all” concept. The extraordinary properties of landed estates need a specialized architecture that’s substantially different from condo or HDB interior design. 

While apartments usually require minimalist ideas to maximize small space usage, landed property has no such limitations. Many landed properties are spacious, which could make it harder for interior designing that’s both aesthetically pleasing and functional. All landed properties’ interior design operation’s an immense undertaking expecting plenty of time and materials to enforce. Of course, it’s not cheap either. Even if a person was to spend sparingly, the approximate price for full Singapore landed property interior design can sum up to a minimum of $250,000. The bigger the property, the higher the cost.

There are several interior design types for landed properties like the Pollen Collection landed property, and it’s vital first to identify what type of services you want. For example, you might have a new house and want to furnish it with the needed fittings. Perhaps you’ve had the estate for quite some time and wish to give it a fresh renovation. With every option available, it’s easy to be overwhelmed. Luckily, there are professionals that can provide you with impressive interior designs for Singapore landed properties like the Pollen Collection landed property.

In conceptualizing your landed property’s design, interior designers will concentrate on adjusting your interior to your personality and lifestyle. As the initial thing anyone notices when stepping into your house, the living area would be the home’s centerpiece. It could be split into different areas to show various atmospheres, like a lounge, a bar, a guest area, or an entertainment section.

After that, another crucial element of your house is your bedrooms. As a greatly personal area you’ll come home to daily; your bedroom must be nothing short of inviting and cozy. To savor an experience matching for royalty, interior designers can ensure to encompass luxurious features like artful lighting, elevated beds, walk-in wardrobes, and more, renovating your master bedroom to a protected sanctuary you can rest in each day. Do you have extra bedrooms? You can happily use them to the fullest and change them into guest areas, utilizing ambient lighting to change them into relaxing and comfortable lodgings for anyone who wants to stay over.

Another commonly used yet often neglected space in your home is your bathroom. The bathrooms in the landed house must be more than useful, boosting your mansion’s sophisticated flair. Rather than settling for basic needs such as a toilet and a shower, choose an interior design that can make even a tiny utility bathroom appear lavish and posh. Experience a relaxing bubble bath within your private room before you step out towards the front space prepared with a vanity mirror and a dressing table, specifically built to satisfy.

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