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What to look for while buying the best air purifier?


With the market flooded with a variety of air purifiers, with each claiming to provide the best indoor air quality, it might get a bit difficult for many of you to select the best air purifier for yourself.

So, it would be good to systematically enlist all the major factors to consider in a good air purifier and match them with your requirements.

Thus, below are some of the important points to consider while selecting the best air purifier for your purpose.

Size of Unit

The size of the unit of the air purifier should be in direct proportionality with the size of the room for which it will be used for. Therefore, air purifiers can broadly be divided into four major size options:


Lightweight units are operable up to a room of 300 sq ft area.


Moderately large units that cover rooms ranging from 300-700 sq ft area.


Heavy units with area coverage up to 1900 sq ft.

Whole House

Extra-large air purifiers are suitable for covering the whole house at once.

Operational Cost

The filter replacement cost is the only operational cost of an air purifier with a little electrical consumption cost. Therefore, you won’t have to pay large sums in running your air purifier.

Factually, the annual maintenance requirement of an air purifier can be as low as $40, and would never exceed $120 per annum even in the high-class models.


CADR stands for Clean Air Delivery Rating and it is the central factor that describes the basic performance of an air purifier by defining its efficiency and functioning standards.

If you are looking for an efficient air purifier takes 300 as the lower limit of CADR of the purifier. Purifiers with CADR greater or equal to 350 are regarded as the top-class air purifiers.

AHAM Certificate

AHAM, the abbreviation for the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers, provides verification on a variety of appliances. An appliance has to qualify high standards of efficiency and performance in order to achieve the official AHAM verification.

Thus, going with an AHAM verified air purifier is certainly a good idea.

Final Words

So, before buying the ideal air purifier for your room, office, or even for the whole house, these four major criteria are everything that you need to consider and evaluate according to your requirements. We hope you could find this article helpful in clearing your queries and doubts.

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