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What You Need to Know About Kitchen Plumbing and Renovations


The vivacious atmosphere of Hurstville is likely one of the reasons why you chose to live in this suburb. Looking out the window, the landscaped lawns and cheerful community give a very enthusiastic streetscape.

But your day can be interrupted by unexpected plumbing problems. Pipes can leak, and drains may clog. If ignored, these can damage your home. Repair expenses will just result in what you have before. The good thing is when you need a plumber Hurstville is covered by Sydney’s top plumbing companies.

But why wait for plumbing surprises. It’s better to be proactive and have professionals handle the installation and maintenance of your kitchen equipment. Better yet, have your kitchen renovated. You not only avoid potential problems but also address your changing styles and needs.

General Plumbing Maintenance

Minor plumbing issues increase utility bills. Serious ones like gas leaks or burst pipes can ruin your kitchen or worse cause injuries. Insurance might not cover the repairs if there was no proper plumbing inspection and maintenance done.

Only licensed plumbers can handle your pipes and drains. They can check compliance to plumbing code, identify potential fail points, and recommend improvements for increased efficiency. Give them a call when you hear gurgling sounds in drains, encounter foul smell in kitchen sinks, or see discoloured water from taps. It’s better to address these issues early than wait for plumbing emergencies to happen.

Kitchen Renovation

Managing kitchen renovations can be time-consuming and stressful. As there are no major hardware stores in Hurstville, drives are longer for supplies. There are many decisions to make in buying fixtures, yet there are no guarantees that they will all work well after installation. Then there’s the need to coordinate with plumbers and other tradespeople. If things didn’t go as planned, who’s at fault? Will insurance cover it? But if you’re up for the challenge, it can be a fun and rewarding experience.

New South Wales requires an owner-builder permit for renovations worth $10,000.00. Training is necessary before a permit is issued. As an owner-builder, you’ll take full responsibility similar to a contracted builder. That includes ensuring safety at the worksite, insurance, compliance to building code, and the list goes on. The law requires that only licenced tradespeople are allowed to do plumbing and electrical work. It’s a must that you take these out of your DIY tasks.  If you’re taking this route to save on builder’s commission, note that wrong decisions easily wipe out the expected savings.

The alternative is to step away from the day-to-day management and hire a builder for your kitchen renovation. The average cost for kitchen renovations is $26,280 according to HIA’s 2018/19 report. Your budget may be higher or lower but planned expenses should be below what you can afford. Give a wiggle room for errors rather than stopping work due to dried up funds.

All construction projects above $5,000.00 must have a written contract. NSW Fair Trading provided a recommended contract for use in renovations. It lists all the rights and responsibilities of both contractor and customer.  It can be your guide in discussions with builders who want to use their own contract template.

Kitchen renovation is a major expense. It is critical that you work with a builder that understands what you want. If done right, it will address your needs and increase the value of your property.


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