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When Do You Need Emergency AC Repair in Houston?


According to reports, the climate of Houston is subtropical, with mild winters and sweltering, muggy summers.

If your AC unit is not keeping you cool, it’s probably because the air filter is clogged. To clear it out, find the plug (usually in your garage) and plug it back in.

If the issue remains unresolved, you may have to schedule an appointment with a company that offers a 24 hour AC repair Houston. Some homeowners can quickly diagnose and fix an AC problem by themselves, while others will need the help of a professional. When your air conditioner breaks down during summer, you’re probably going to want it fixed quickly.

Below are reasons why you might need emergency AC repair in Houston.

Your AC Is Making Strange Sounds

The problem could be severe if you can hear your unit making strange clicking, buzzing, or rumbling sounds.

If it’s not an easy-to-fix internal component like a plugged condenser coil, call for 24 hour AC repair in Houston as soon as possible. Waiting too long to take action could result in more damage to your system, especially if the sound is due to a tear or leak.

You should also call for help if your AC starts blowing cold air but makes loud noises. That’s usually the sign of an impending failure.

The Display on Your Thermostat Is Acting Weird

Another reason why you might need AC repair service is if you notice anything different or wrong with your thermostat. You might see flashing lights, a blank screen, or error messages. Maybe they’re accompanied by strange sounds coming from the unit itself.

A Breaker Keeps Tripping and Resetting

When the circuit breaker keeps flipping to the “on” position, your air conditioner is overloading the electrical capacity of your home. You need help resetting it, or you risk burning out your AC completely.

Your Heat Pump Isn’t Heating

If the heat pump in your system fails to warm up, call for AC repair in Houston immediately.

That’s because improper cooling often leads to freezing pipes and water damage. You can usually prevent such problems by setting the thermostat to a warmer temperature, but the problem might not go away on its own.

If you don’t want to inconvenience your family members with uncomfortably cold rooms until an AC repairman comes to fix it, call for help as soon as possible!

You Smell Something Burning

If you notice a burning or unpleasant smell coming from your air conditioner, call for AC service in Houston.

That’s the sign of an inefficient system that needs urgent attention. The problem might be severe components like electrical wiring melting under high temperatures.

You Haven’t Changed Your Filter In Three Months or More

It might be the most critical sign that your air conditioner needs emergency AC repair in Houston.

A dirty filter forces your AC to work harder, which could have contributed to any of the other problems you’re experiencing with your system. If it can’t cool your house correctly after a few minutes, call for help!

Final Note

Houston homeowners need to stay calm when summer comes around. If a malfunction occurs, consider calling for an experienced technician for AC repair in Houston.

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