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When To Call Water Heater Repair Services


When water heaters start to act up, people might be tempted to take things into their own hands before calling a professional plumber. While there are steps property owners can take to troubleshoot the issue, there are situations that trained professionals to handle best. This article will take a closer look at some tips for troubleshooting common heating problems and list repairs that most experts recommend without any experience and specialized training under your belt.

Prioritize safety

While this article does aim to provide people some tips for troubleshooting the device, experts encourage property owners to prioritize safety and caution. These things can be pretty dangerous if not handled properly. Natural gases in gas heaters have the possibility to explode, and they are high-voltage equipment. Both can also contain boiling water.

The “Do not Do-It-Yourself” list of problems

The cases on this list are best left to licensed professionals. If homeowners encounter these problems, contact a professional right away to avoid possibly dangerous situations that can affect property owners, as well as the people living inside the house.

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Popping, creaking, and rambling sounds

These issues happen because of sediment build-up. These sediments form layers on the surface of the water inside the device. As H2O boils, these layers also boil, and air pockets inside of it will pop. In the beginning, people might only need to remove sediments out of the heater’s tank, but that does not always solve the issue.

If the popping, creaking, or rambling sounds continue even after the unit is flushed regularly, it is a sign that it is likely to leak or crack. In this case, property owners will have to buy a new one. For the safety of the homeowner, Do-It-Yourself heater installation or replacement is not recommended.


Technically speaking, there are some things people need to do themselves when leaking happens. These things are not repairs in general. They will simply keep the issues from getting worse until the professional arrives. Make sure to avoid the shower because there is a good chance the water coming out of it will be boiling hot—turn off the heater’s power supply. If homeowners have gas heaters, they need to look for the power switch or dial. If they have electric heaters, go straight to the circuit breaker and turn it off.

Close the main valve to prevent the flow of water

After turning off the power supply and closing the main valve, contact a professional. The residential heater repair Plainview TX may involve tightening loose fittings or replacing drain valves. But if there is an issue with the pressure and temperature valve, excessive buildups of pressure in the heater and make valves release hot water and steam.

Reddish, orange, and cloudy water

When people see dirty H2O with rust coming out of their faucets, they will probably think that there is an issue with their pipes. But what if this issue happens even if they have done the re-piping process? Murky H2O with an odd smell or metallic taste can indicate that mineral deposits from the heater are starting to accumulate in the plumbing. It can also mean that the device’s tank has become rusty inside.

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Troubleshooting the heater

Common problems with these devices usually have to do with zero or not enough hot water coming out. Here are some tips on how to repair or troubleshoot the heater when it happens. Keep in mind that this problem can happen because the H2O usage has exceeded the tank capacity.

Sometimes this problem happens if more than one shower is running at once or if the people living in the house try to shower while also using the washing machine or dishwasher in warm settings. If this issue is happening regularly, it is probably time to reconsider upgrading the device with a higher H2O capacity. If it happens, plumbers can be a huge help to determine appropriate-sized heaters meet the property’s hot H2O needs.

What can property owners do if they have a gas-powered device?

There might be a lack of hot H2O because the device’s pilot light has been damaged or blown out. Check the heater to see if its pilot light is not working properly. If it has, reignite the pilot flame. After doing that, homeowners can start getting hot H2O again.

If pilot lights stay lit or won’t light, at this point, it is a good idea to involve professional plumbers to avoid gas-related accidents. Property owners can check the internet and type in key phrases like residential heater repair Plainview TX or professional plumbers near me to make sure that the repair or installation will go smoothly.

What can property owners do if they have an electric-powered device?

Sometimes, there is a lack of hot H2O because its main switch has blown a fuse or flicked off. Check if there’s actual power going to the heater. If there is no power, check the circuit breaker to see if there is a blown a fuse or tripped breaker.

Once property owners have taken care of the blown a fuse or tripped circuit breaker, locate the thermostat and press its reset button. Usually, it is the red button on the device. In about ten to fifteen minutes, people can start to receive lukewarm or hot water. If that’s not the case, then it is time to contact a professional plumber for advanced troubleshooting. Heater troubleshooting and repair can get complicated if the professional is new to it.

What is more, it can be pretty difficult to tell on your own if the device can be repaired or needs replacement. Instead of going through a lot of stress by not making sure if the parts you are purchasing are the right one or performing the troubleshooting or repair is safe and correct, you can bring in a licensed plumber to get their professional opinion of the situation.

Always remember that the homeowner’s safety is always essential compared to saving a couple of dollars. Why not spend a couple of dollars on a licensed repair professional instead of endangering your health, as well as the health of the people living inside the house.

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