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Why do You Need to Repair Drywall


One of the most popular and frequently used materials in a modern renovation is  the gypsum board. The apartment renovation is rarely made without drywall. Walls alignment, installation of partitions, or the formation of design flair such as arches, shaped niches, columns, don’t go without this universal material.

The Main Disadvantage of Drywall

The drywall, however, has one significant weakness – low strength. When something breaks, for example, during the renovation – it is so unexpected and upsetting and changes plans. And this often occurs with the drywall either on a wall or a ceiling.

The drywall is inferior to classical plaster only in one thing, as it does not “hold the blow” enough. These walls are anything but particularly strong, so it is not difficult to pick a hole in such a construction.

How Can Drywall Be Damaged?

There are some situations that occurred quite frequently when mechanical actions on the gypsum board create holes, cracks, dents, and other defects. These defects may occur under unexpected circumstances, or exactly:

  • in impact;
  • from falling furniture;
  • when moving furniture;
  • at the attempt of hanging a cabinet or a shelf on the wall;
  • when installing a chandelier in the ceiling;
  • when sockets are set to be moved, and so on.

Some inexperienced craftsmen who are used to do everything with their hands at home wonder how to repair drywall. Indeed, the classic way to close holes in plaster will not work here. It is because a hollow and soft soundproofing material is usually behind the drywall. The technology of drywall repairs is so simple that even a beginner can handle this.


If a defect is formed, it could be easily disposed of. But the main thing is to remain calm and act carefully. You will know the methods of repairing damages, how to repair drywall and other surfaces, and what tools you will need to do this.

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