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Why Does My Toilet Keep Clogging?


The bathroom is one of the most used parts of the house. The homeowner is obligated to keep it clean and safe from clogging. If your toilet starts to clog, you need to be able to repair it and make sure you know the source, so that you can reduce the risks of it happening again.

It’s very inconvenient and time consuming to have the clog removed from your toilet. Plunging is a quick solution but understanding the root cause of these clogs is what is really essential for you and everyone else.

There are many explanations why your toilet keeps clogging and Mr. Rooter Plumbing will help you with your plumbing problem if you really can’t repair it after this. Call them for any problems related to emergency plumbing and they will definitely help.

First explanation for that is your own bathroom. When your toilet is old it can no longer be able to withstand a lot of flushes. By buying yourself a new one, you ‘re confident it’ll work properly and won’t easily clog.

You must also check whether the fill valve is still working okay. The fill valve is a device which is responsible for the flush within the toilet tank.

Next reason is blockages to the pipe. This happens when there are certain things that are accidentally flushed in the toilet but should not be flushed. Examples of this are toothbrushes or razors that may cause blockage or clogging.

If you can no longer repair these factors, there is a reputable company you can contact who will definitely come right at your door to help you.

For sewer line & replacement, call Mr. Rooter Plumbing. And to know more about the different reasons why your toilet keeps clogging, read this infographic.

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