Floor Coverings: What To Choose?


When you have your house built, you might want to do some work yourself — choosing a home ready to decorate, rather than a home ready to live saves on the overall price of construction or to opt for services other than those offered by the manufacturer. This is called reserved work. For example, you can decide to make your own paints, wall coverings, and floor coverings.

Building Your Home: What Is The Most Popular Flooring Currently?

Today the choice of customers is on PVC tiles. Although sometimes these slabs are more expensive than tiles: in the mid-range, you can already find expensive products. Only entry-level slabs are very cheap. The great advantage of pisos de pvc imitacion madera is that the time required for their installation is very short. In one day, on average, provided the floor is smooth and impeccable, which will necessarily be the case in a new detached house, you can install your coating. It’s very simple to install.

Which Other Floor Coverings Can The Buyer Choose?

If you are looking for a simple product, pisos tipo madera is a good option. They are less expensive because they do not require underlayment. They are simple to put: just clip them and saw them to the dimensions of your room. For a novice handyman, it is quite feasible to embark on the adventure provided he is skilled with his hands. This is even the most practical flooring to install.

Which Floor Coverings For Which Parts?

The tiles are suitable for all rooms, including bathrooms. Matching wall tile will give personality to your walls, especially if you add listels or friezes. PVC tiles are ideal for the living room and kitchen. Laminates can adapt to the rooms because the passage is weak, and the texture of the material is warm, comfortable. Pisos antiderrapantes can also be used in bathrooms, as long as they are suitable for wet areas.

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